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General manager

Dear Friends:

Thanks to all your caring and support, Shining Ocean Logistics Group has developed vigorously at a remarkable speed in the past 16 years. In 2017, Shining Ocean Logistics Group comes to the celebration of being founded for 16 years, just like an eagle flying in the sky of the international logistics industry, ambitious and open-minded. Like the strong wind tests the strength of the grass, the turbulent stream breaks the heavy ice buckets, we are marching forward a new journey bravely and courageously.  

In the past years, we have been through up and downs, not only the sustained high-speed healthy growth but also the tough slow-speed transition and reorganization. Nevertheless, what makes usmoved deeply is that you friends all are always stand by us and share happiness and sorrows together.If our company is thesmallseedling, then you should be the tree in full leaf that makes us growhappily andhealthily.As the purple lightriseabove the sea,we share the same moment and thesound trip together, which inspires us staff tokeepseekingand fightingfor prospective bright future.The wildest oceans are for the bravest sailors, the highest peaksare for the greatest explorers. I faithfullyhold the view that,under theworking policyguidance of "Customer First, Honest Business, Professional Service",and stick to the perceptionthat’creating a winwin with our customers as well as sharing honor and disgrace together.’, andbased on the strategic direction that "continuousinnovation,constant aggressiveness, sustainable development", by all the means above can we provide the customers withthe best production and make them enjoy the most thoughtful service.

The vision of Shining Ocean Logistics Group is to build adependablecareer platform for all the employees, be a creditablepartner for all the customers,and alsoan excellent example respected by the whole industry.When you bear the burden you have to keep forging ahead.We strongly believe that:

1, The satisfaction and affirmation of the customers is the vital criterion for our working performance.

2, Employees are the most important treasure of the company, whose increase of the quality and the professional skill results in the growth of the company wealth, and also whose improvement of the welfare and the living standard is the symbol of our good performance. We are devoted to make our company dependable and reliable for all the personnel for life time.

3, The service quality is the lifeblood of company’s development, and the continuous improvement and innovation is needed for company’s growth.

4, We have gained extraordinary persistence by pioneering and progressing the market.

We sincerely welcome all kinds of cooperations and expect to various codevelop with broad mind, achievements can be accomplished with all the talents joining us. Nowadays, we are facing the new era of rapid development of science and technology, we have been chosen to push forward the logistics industry not only on management but also on technique by the guidance of government policy. There is no time like the present, we have to take every chance and make every effort to earn a brighter future.

A time will come to ride the wind and cleave the waves to cross the sea. With time and patience the leaf of the mulberry becomes satin. The history has proven that the Shining Ocean Logistics group never being afraid of any challenges and never stopping forging on, we faithfully believe that our company will be the respectable example of the whole industry with all the cooperative partners supporting us and all the diligent employees standing by our side.

Let’s make it together, the brilliant future is just around the corner.

                                                                                                             General manager