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Shining Ocean Activiti
A Contributions Initiative from Freight Forwarding Enterprise
From:shiningoceanRelease time:2016-10-06 20:40:30

Contributions Initiative

     This is a spontaneous donation initiative of members fromShining Ocean. Received Yang Huijuan's(an employee from Shining Ocean overseasdepartment) WeChat fund-raising information is less than 12 hours, different peoplefrom the national logistics company, the shipping company as well as thecustomers through such a kind of love way, extended the aid hand to YangHuijuan's father! Friends from all area of life enthusiastic donations through thecircle of friends, so that each member of Shining Ocean moved and grateful! Asa freight forwarding enterprise, Shining Ocean will also try to help theseriously ill families, care for employees, fulfill social responsibility! Letus work together to overcome difficulties! At the same time, we hope YangHuijuan's father will continue to be properly treated and never abandoned! Nevergive up!

Shining Ocean International Logistics Co.,Ltd


Donate way:

Bank details

Name: YangHuijuan

Account No.6214836557563059

Bank: ChinaMerchants Bank Shenzhen Dongmen Branch


Yang Huijuan'sPersonal Wechat ID414671351Sophy Yang

Fundraising Website link

http://www qschoucom/project/index/108f3cbe-fac8-47ef-baa4-e7c88ee07087#project-detail

Special note:

1. Please donate to Yang Huijuan ‘s personal account,Wechat or Fundraising Link directly.

2. Yang Huijuan hereby undertakes that each donation will beused for the treatment of Yang Huijuan's father himself, the remaining amountwill be donated to social welfare institutions.